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This section will show you with guidelines for choosing your security door.

Our products will ensure a high level of reliability, because they are built  according to European regulations UNI-ENV 1627/1630.

Security door models are divided into 4 classes:

CLASS 2: suggest to standards for flats and homes.

CLASS 3: Suitable for cottage and offices.

CLASS 4: Preferable for houses. 

Safety level of security doors depends on 5 factors:

- Steel frame and subframe
- Number of vertical reinforcements also called omega
- Number of fixed points of closure called rostra
- Number of locking points latch called mobile
- Last and most important type of lock


- How do I choose the size of the armor I need? -


Our production  has 2 different sizes width, 80 and 90 x 210 cm height (fits all).

Please download technical form that will be useful to understand what you need.

- Model "Class 2" measures 80/90 cm width and 210 height

Download the PDF data sheet.

- Model "Class 3 and 4" sizes: of  80/90 cm width and 210 height

Size 80cm :  Download the PDF data sheet.

Size 90cm :  Download the PDF data sheet.


- How do I determine the openness that I need? -


the process is very simple. the doors are always pushed to the inside of your house.

Below you will find attached a data sheet that will show you the meaning of openness.


Download the PDF datasheet for the opening direction

- What are the differences between panels? which are external and internal to them? -


Panels proposed  by our society are principally divided in 3 huge categories :

- Indoor

- Indoor protected

- Outdoor


Our standard indoor panels are suitable for using indoor or out  of the staircase condominium.



The panel is suitable for installation in outdoor environments, but not to be directly exposed to the weather. 




the panel is suitable to be installed in outdoor environments, even to be directly exposed to the weather .



- What measures and dimensions have the panels? -


if you have to replace your panel, you can find below a useful technical form, where you can find all panel dimensions from 6mm up to 18mm pantograph.

Recall that the panels individually purchased will ship without any type of drilling.

if  you cannot drill the panel we can do this at our enterprise  but only if we’re previously

warned. (2 days of waiting required)

Click here and download PDF

- can I talk to the courier after purchasing the product? -


Only for Ship in Italy .

Of course you can. Porta blindata italia decided to enter into a commercial contract with CARGO SERVICE  for all shipments to Italy to ensure maximum transparency and reliability to the customer.

Our partners for shipments is:


Dati :  Cargo Service - Via Mantegna n° 6 - 20010 CORNAREDO - MILANO 

Contact numbers : Tel

- what do I do if I have not find what I’m looking for? -


f you have not found the answer to your question you have 3 options:

- Please contact our Call Center at

- Send an email to or


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